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ATC (Above The Crease) Goaltending was created to meet the need for specialized goaltending instruction. The goal of ATC Goaltending is to provide quality goaltending instruction to individuals at all levels by building a solid foundation of technical skills and work ethic. The programs offered by ATC Goaltending will benefit the grassroots beginner goaltender all the way up to the professional goaltender. ATC Goaltending does not teach a specific style as each goaltender that straps on the pads has different strengths and weaknesses. ATC Goaltending will give you all the necessary tools to play at the highest level possible on a consistent basis.

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We are serious about helping our clients improve as quickly as possible….this requires an acute attention to each and every detail. Our training methods are very specific, very detailed and will allow all our goalies the opportunity to take their game to next level in a very short period of time! The margin for error when playing goal is minute and therefore we are not afraid to stop a drill and breakdown each and every flaw so that we can train our bodies how to execute each move properly…..EVERY TIME

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